Mirena IUD Now Approved for Pregnancy Prevention Up to 7 Years

The Mirena levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device was approved by the FDA for up to 7 years of pregnancy prevention. The intrauterine device was previously approved for up to 6 years of use.

Mirena contains 52 mg of levonorgestrel, which initially releases at a rate of 20 mcg/day, and then decreases progressively to approximately 10 mcg/day after 5 years and 8 mcg/day after 7 years. By the end of the seventh year, Mirena should be removed and replaced at the time of removal with a new system if continued use is wanted.

Mirena is also approved for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding for up to 5 years in women who choose to use intrauterine contraception. For this indication, Mirena should be replaced after the end of the fifth year if continued treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding is needed.

Mirena is a product of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc. Full prescribing information is available.