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Why Fitzgerald Health Education Associates?

32 Years Experience
32 Years Experience
Fitzgerald has been preparing & educating NPs with evidence-based education for 32 years
Highest Pass Rates
Highest Pass Rates
Fitzgerald NP review grads have a 99%+ pass rate
140,000+ Prepared for Certification
140,000+ Prepared for Certification
Using the Fitzgerald Review method, over 140,000 NPs have passed their boards

What NP Students and NPs Say About Us

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Calmed My Nerves!
This course was amazing! It helped prepare me for my exam as well as calm my nerves!! So thankful I did it!
- Shannon Plummer, NP
So Informative
Loved the review! So informative. Made taking the boards a breeze.
- Jessica Gorham, NP
Passed Without Issue!
This course had me leaving the testing center with confidence! Passed without issue!
- Averill Berger, NP

NP Certification Q&A

Get answers to your NP certification questions
Get answers to your NP certification questions
Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald shares insights she has gained from clinical practice and preparing 140,000+ NPs for their certification exams each month in the Fitzgerald newsletter. Published columns are available here as a free resource to all NPs and NP students.

Pass your FNP Exam

Pass your FNP Exam the first time
Pass your FNP Exam the first time
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

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