2-Year NP Student Passport Membership – the best support and value for certification and beyond

Curated NP expert support for every step of your journey

Full Access
To all review course formats and the pharmacology / clinical skills on-demand library

Learning Paths
Curated content packages to help you hit the ground running when you start practicing

Practicing NP experts help you prepare on the go for certification and beyond

NP Student Connect
A community where you can interact with your peers and get NP expert insights

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Fitzgerald NP Student Passport Membership 2-YR

What to expect:

  • Full access to all review courses (on-demand, in-person, livestream, MP3) and review resources (Review books)
  • Empowers you to easily explore topics you need to gain knowledge and increase expertise
  • A one-stop resource to stay current in pharmacology and clinical guidelines to hit the ground running in practice

Benefits of 2-Year NP Student Membership include:

  • Full access to all certification review (on-demand, in-person, livestream, MP3) and course workbook to follow along.
  • Access to 30+ curated learning paths to help you hit the ground running when you start practicing.
  • Close knowledge gaps with 100+ on-demand pharmacology and clinical skills courses created by practicing NP experts
  • Members-only Podcasts to prep on the go
  • Enroll in any in-person Review course (and go to as many as you want)
  • Attend any livestream course
  • Immediate access to new content every month
  • A one-stop resource to stay current in pharmacology and clinical guidelines
  • Empowers you with practical knowledge you need for clinicals, certification and beyond, created by expert practicing NPs
Note: Physical products beyond Review Books are not included. Limit of one (1) copy of each Review Book per member, per membership term.

How it works:

  1. Purchase an NP Student Passport Membership
  2. Once a member, login to your account and browse the Certification Review or Continue education libraries to find the content you need. You can Browse courses via the top navigation bar on the website’s homepage or by click “Add Courses” from your course dashboard
  3. Select the course or curated course package you want to take and click on the “enroll” button to add to your dashboard. The products you enrolled in will be added to your dashboard. Reminder: You must be logged in to your account to be able to add the content to your course dashboard at no charge.
  4. Navigate to your dashboard when ready to start the course

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