Family NP Exam Cram 90

Prepare to pass your Family NP Certification Board Exam

The Perfect Pace to NP Exam Prep

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FNP Exam Cram 90 -April 1st Program Start
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FNP Exam Cram 90 -April 29th Program Start
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About the program:

  • 90-minute lectures followed by live Q&A
  • 4 days per week for 5 weeks
  • Taught by expert Fitzgerald faculty members
  • 99%+ pass rate for AANPCP & ANCC exams

Benefits of NP Exam Cram 90:

  • Stay on track with a structured schedule
  • Improve recall by focusing on key concepts during bite-size sessions
  • Build confidence and relieve test anxiety by focusing what matters most
  • Prepare to pass with new test-taking strategies from NP experts
  • Ask questions during live Q and A
  • Benefit from a peer study group from the comfort of your home
  • Access to pre-recorded course content on-demand

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