Spend Your CE Funds

Convenient Ways to Spend Your NP “CE Funds”

It’s a new year and you may have new CE funds to spend.
Here are convenient options to get the biggest bang for your buck!

What’s your budget?

Curated Packages Under $250

Dermatology Across the Lifespan

9.8 CE | 4.2 Rx Hours

The skin changes considerably from childhood to adulthood and older adulthood. Learn to identify and treat common skin conditions across age-groups in this comprehensive dermatology course.

$160 was $232

Laboratory Data Interpretation

17.4 CE | 9.9 Rx Hours

Are you looking to improve your lab data interpretation skills? Using a case-based approach, this program is designed to help you refine your skills in ordering and analyzing the results of laboratory tests.

$199 was $268

Common Pediatric Issues: Assessment & Treatment

10.3 CE | 8.5 Rx Hours

Be prepared to treat common pediatric problems and conduct accurate pediatric physical assessments with this package curated by Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald.

$229 was $308

Treating Common Primary Care Problems Package

22.8 CE | 18.2 Rx Hours

Be prepared to treat the most common primary care problems. Fitzgerald’s expert faculty share their primary care knowledge in this comprehensive program.

$239 was $399

Antimicrobial Essentials Package

10.95 CE | 9.7 Rx Hours

Stay up to date on key antimicrobial knowledge areas with this Antimicrobial Essentials program.

$169 was $215

Clinical Challenges in Primary Care

18.95 CE | 14.05 Rx Hours

Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald created this program to help primary care NPs address common clinical challenges. It includes 3 pharmacology primers, in addition to courses on low back pain, common GI disorders, and asthma.

$199 was $324

Common Respiratory Problems Package

14.3 CE | 9.8 Rx Hours

Respiratory problems are one of the most common reasons patients seek care. Gain insight on the top diagnoses and get the latest treatment recommendations in this evidence-based package.

$209 was $285

ENT Essentials Package

15.6 CE | 10.9 Rx Hours

Patients often seek treatment for ENT-related issues; correctly diagnosing and treating these conditions can prevent complications and relieve symptoms. Fitzgerald Faculty share current guidelines and their collective insights from years in practice.

$209 was $372

Endocrine Essentials Package

8.15 CE | 6.65 Rx Hours

Endocrine disorders can be challenging to grasp. However, in this package, Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald makes it easier by using real examples from practice to illustrate a variety of case presentations and outline practical use of guidelines.

$149 was $199

GI Essentials Package

14.3 CE | 7.5 Rx Hours

Increase your primary care gastroenterology knowledge with this GI Essentials program.

$249 was $322

Gerontological Pharmacology Package

14.35 CE | 13.7 Rx Hours

The Gerontological Pharmacology package offers NPs an in-depth review of geriatric prescribing as well as the latest updates in drug therapy for this patient population.

$180 was $231

Pain Management Essentials Package

12.2 CE Hours

Expand your pain management expertise with this knowledge-building program curated by Dr. Fitzgerald.

$199 was $256
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