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NP students start their careers with the Fitzgerald Review and NPs advance and grow in the NP profession with our CE. See what they have to say.

Featured testimonials

Grateful for This Course
Grateful for This Course
I am truly grateful for this course. I wouldn’t even know where to begin without it. Truly would recommend to anyone wanting to pass boards, which would be everyone.<br /> – Clotilde Ramos, NP
Valuable to My Practice
Valuable to My Practice
I have taken a number of courses recently, I have not been disappointed at all, and found the materials, presentation and information valuable to my practice.<br /> – Kate Giroux-Pfister, NP
Helped Direct My Studying
Helped Direct My Studying
I completed my last 9 months of school while pregnant, graduated with my MSN-FNP in May, had my first baby the same week in May, started studying June 1, and took the exam August 10. It has been a big year for me, and I couldn’t have accomplished passing the ANCC FNP exam without this review! It helped direct my studying and prepare me for the exam in ways that I could not have done on my own.<br /> – Diane Camu, NP

Review testimonials

Truly Prepared Me
The course truly prepared me to identify the areas I needed to focus my prep time. It provided me with a great understanding of how to dissect the questions to make sure I answered correctly.
- Carole Dye, NP
Gave Me Knowledge and Skills
The program was great! It gave me the knowledge and skills to pass boards!
- Dustin Lode, NP
Feel Confident
This review course helps you to build your knowledge base, so you feel confident in taking your exam. I would recommend it to anyone preparing to sit for NP boards.
- Marja Cormack, NP
Covered Everything I Needed
I loved this program. It covered everything I needed to know for my AANP exam and helped me build an educational foundation as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
- Laura Bailly, NP
Passed My Boards!
Wonderful, concise well-articulated materials. Passed my boards!
- Maureen Swanson, NP
Skills and Tools I Needed
Thank you, Fitzgerald for giving me the skills and tools I needed to pass!
- Alexandra Miller, NP

CE Testimonials

Applicable to Daily Practice!
Information is up to date and applicable to daily practice! I love Fitzgerald courses!!
- Judy Tonry, NP
Enjoy Fitzgerald courses!
I always enjoy Fitzgerald courses! Whether they are new or just review, the instructors are knowledgeable, clear in presentation and have great handouts.
- Laurie Brush, NP
Great Clinical Resource
Enjoy courses from Fitzgerald. Have found them to be a great clinical resource in addition to obtaining CE.
- Lee Pitcher, NP
Keep Up With Practice
I come to FHEA to keep up with my current practice and updates. Instructors are always give examples or clinical scenarios you can never forget.
- Christina David, NP
Help Me Grow!
I love all of your presentations. They are well informed and help me grow as a new provider!
- Johanna Ayers, NP
I always love taking Fitzgerald courses!
- Roshni Patel, NP

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