CDC and Public Health Partners Discuss Avian Influenza and Farmworker Protection 

In a crucial meeting aimed at bolstering the defense against avian influenza outbreaks in the United States, CDC Principal Deputy Director Nirav D. Shah led discussions with key stakeholders to enhance protection measures for farmworkers. This assembly convened state health officials, public health emergency preparedness directors, state epidemiologists, and veterinarians in addition to leadership from public health partner organizations.  

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Protecting farmworkers from avian influenza

Acknowledging the essential role of farmworkers in maintaining the food supply while keeping them safe, the CDC has urged state health departments to collaborate closely with their counterparts in agriculture and community-based organizations. The goal is to facilitate the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to those working in vulnerable environments such as dairy farms, poultry farms, and slaughterhouses. 

While assessing the immediate risk to the general U.S. public as low, Nirav D. Shah underscored the significance of preemptive actions to safeguard individuals with occupational exposures to avian influenza, who might face an elevated risk of infection.  

The proactive efforts by the CDC also extend to collaboration with Federally Qualified Health Centers, aiming to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about the critical need for PPE and to streamline access to these essential resources. 

Nurses, nurse practitioners, and advance practice nurses remain crucial partners in this endeavor, playing a key role in monitoring the health of those at risk and ensuring the implementation of recommended safety measures. The protection of farmworkers not only preserves their health and well-being but also safeguards the broader community by preventing potential disease transmission vectors. 


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