NP Healthcare Organization Partnership Opportunities

Fitzgerald Health Education Associates is proud to partner with innovative organizations offering cutting-edge technology to nurse practitioners. Become a Fitzgerald Member for exclusive savings on these products and more!

NatMed Pro, the industry’s largest natural medicines database to improve competency in integrative therapies, including easy-to-use quick-check tools and relevant CE/CME focused on hot topics related to natural medicines, supplements, and other therapies. The same data in NatMed Pro is trusted by healthcare professionals from pharmacies and hospitals to libraries and universities. NatMed Pro puts reliable information on natural medicines at your fingertips and empowers you to confidently answer patient questions and make educated recommendations that support nutrition, wellness, and patient safety.

Your subscription includes unlimited access to over 1400 monographs, data on over 250,000 commercial products, and interaction checkers for effectiveness, nutrient depletion, adverse effects, and more.

Join thousands of NPs who rely on concise, trusted information on medication management and drug therapies from Prescriber Insights. Unbiased, evidence-based, and 100% free of financial support from the pharma industry, Prescriber Insights helps you stay informed and make confident clinical decisions about patient care. Your subscription includes new issues each month with breaking clinical recommendations in a digestible actionable format, side-by-side comparisons of drugs by class or disease state, clinical FAQs on current topics in prescribing, pros/cons, and clear recommendations.