Suturing Skills: The Art of Wound Repair


Suturing expert Theresa M. Campo, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, FAAN, ENP-C, will help you learn how to suture through a step-by-step approach.

Dermabond and other newer products about to come on the market will be covered, as an introduction to the use of a bio-adhesive in the care of lacerations.

Techniques Taught in this suture techniques course:

  • Local wound injection
  • Anesthetizing the wound area
  • Field block
  • Digital field block
  • Preparing the wound
  • Halving, learning needle placement, and performing a simple suture
  • Running suture
  • Running locking suture
  • Horizontal mattress suture
  • Running horizontal mattress suture
  • Vertical mattress suture
  • Corner suture
  • Excising biopsy
  • Intracuticular suture
  • Proper application of bioadhesives
  • Punch biopsy and “X” stitch
  • Staple Repair
  • Butterfly closures

Note: This course provides 6 of the 30 continuing emergency care education hours in emergency care procedural skills required to sit for the AANPCB Emergency NP Exam under ENP Option 1.