Suture Pad: A realistic and convenient pad for learning how to suture.


This 4x5 inch suture pad is simply the best available at an affordable price. Students rave about it's realistic quality, the way it holds a stitch, and how it clearly delineates the layers of human flesh.

  • Reusable—student can continue to practice by removing completed sutures and starting over: same stitch or different one
  • Differentiated layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle
  • Each layer's thickness realistically emulates human flesh
  • Epidermis looks and feels like real human skin
  • Both epidermis and dermis will hold suture without pulling out.
  • Pre-cut with different patterns, eliminating the need to cut your own "wounds" for stitching
  • Replaces messy pig's feet or chicken breasts