Suture Kit: All the Tools You Need to Practice Suturing


The instruments provided in the Fitzgerald Suture Kit are high-quality stainless steel, and you can use them in actual practice as well as in your learning sessions.

The real standout in the kit, however, is the Fitzgerald suture pad:

  • Reusable—student can continue to practice by removing completed sutures and starting over: same stitch or different one
  • Differentiated layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle
  • Each layer's thickness realistically emulates human flesh
  • Epidermis looks and feels like real human skin
  • Both epidermis and dermis will hold suture without pulling out.
  • Pre-cut with different patterns eliminating a need to cut your own &"wounds"; for stitching
  • Replaces messy pig's feet or chicken breasts


  • Needle holder
    - To learn proper hand technique
  • Forceps
    - To aid in undermining the epidermis
    - For retraction while inserting subcutaneous stitches
  • Scissors
    - To undermine the epidermis
    - To trim the finished stitch

Suture Kit Bag & Sutures:

  • Convenient take-away for your suture pad and instruments
  • Includes 6 sutures