NP TALK- Mastering the Basics of Dermatology


Join Dr. Victor Czerkasij (chur’ ka-see), DNP, APRN-BC, FNP-C 

Dermatology is considered one of the most difficult specialties. With over 3,200 diseases across the largest organ of the body, it can be a challenge even for the most seasoned expert. Did?you know that dermatology conditions make up around 30% of all ICD-10 codes while the dermatology workforce is only about 1% of all healthcare providers?  Many skin problems may also be multi-layered! It is incumbent for all specialties to have a thorough understanding of the most basic skin issues for satisfied clients and confident providers. Join Victor Czerkasij, DNP, for a fast-paced course that outlines key aspects and latest advancements in dermatology.