Incorporating Telehealth & Telemonitoring Into Practice: Strategies for Success


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At no time in history has access to telehealth visits and telemonitoring been so important. It is estimated that more than 80,000 cancer diagnoses have been delayed during the COVID pandemic due to patients’ fear of making office visits and barriers to care. Prior to COVID 19, many insurers reimbursed telehealth visits at rates that prohibited use and sustainability. Today, with legislation around the country allowing for parity of payment, providers are turning to telehealth and telemonitoring for healthcare delivery.

This presentation will focus on the nuts and bolts of telehealth visits and telemonitoring options as well as stories based on actual experiences.

Dr. Wendy L. Wright, nationally recognized for her work in NP-led care, nursing innovation, and changing up healthcare delivery, will help you discover:

  • How to find a telehealth platform
  • What an ideal telehealth visit looks like
  • How to structure telehealth visits to optimize patient care and provider workflow