Evaluating Chest Pain: From differential diagnosis to diagnostic imaging


Run Time: 3.5
Contact Hours: 4.4
Rx Hours: 0

Taught by national and international speaker and emergent, urgent, and primary care procedure expert Dr. Theresa Campo, this course will help you expand and enhance your clinical skills.

Evaluating Chest Pain: From Differential Diagnosis to Diagnostic Imaging

Learn how to evaluate chest pain, consider differential diagnosis, and choose appropriate imaging.

This course will cover:

  • Cardiac-related causes:
    - heart attack
    - angina
    - aortic dissection
  • Digestive causes
    - heartburn
    - swallowing disorders
    - gallbladder
    - pancreas-related problems
  • Muscle and bone causes:
    - costochondritis
    - sore muscles
    - injured ribs
  • Pulmonary causes
  • Other causes
    - panic attack
    - shingles