Employment Search & Interview Strategies


Learn successful strategies to navigate an employment search and gain an interview for an NP position. NP leader and nationally renowned speaker Dr. Pomarico breaks down the necessary steps in gaining NP employment.

Conducting the Search

    Discover how and where to find traditional and nontraditional NP positions

    Create successful cover letters, resumes, and curriculum vitae

    Successfully negotiate the screening process and get to the next step, the interview

Nailing the Interview

Reinforce the positive impression from your application and get the desired employment offer.

Learn how to:

    Prepare for the Interview

      Research the employer

      Select appropriate attire

    Conduct yourself during the interview

      Handle difficult questions smoothly

      Ask the right questions

      Make an excellent face-to-face impression

    Manage post-interview tasks

      Use the best follow-up practices

      Prepare for second interviews