Cardiac Rhythms: The Clinician's Approach to Accurate Interpretation


Run Time: 3.5
Contact Hours: 4.1
Rx Hours: 0

Presented in a practical, user-friendly format, this program is designed to give health care professionals the skills needed for cardiac rhythm interpretation.

Dr. Sally Miller presents a brief review of the electrical conduction system, followed by a discussion of ECG concepts and a description of the ECG components.

Using a 5-step approach to cardiac rhythm interpretation, the following rhythms will be analyzed:

  • Sinus rhythms
  • Atrial rhythms
  • Junctional rhythms
  • Ventricular rhythms
  • Atrioventricular rhythms
  • Bundle branch blocks
  • Pacemaker rhythms

Note: ECG strips are incorporated throughout this presentation for demonstration purposes, and a practice dysrhythmia interpretation test with an answer key is provided at the end.