Analysis of the 12-lead ECG: Beyond the basics


Prerequisite: This program is designed for primary care providers who have mastered the basic principles of 12-lead ECG Interpretation: A Primary Care Perspective.

Building upon the basic course, this program provides a more in-depth presentation of cardiac electrical activity, followed by a 5-step approach to the interpretation of acute and chronic conditions evident of the 12-lead ECG.

This program features an interactive format, allowing you to follow along as the ECG tracings are interpreted.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have acquired a systematic approach to assessing the 12-lead ECG, in particular evaluating:

  • Hexaxial axis determination.
  • Left and right bundle branch block.
  • Pericarditis versus acute myocardial problems.
  • Multichamber hypertrophy.
  • Atrial abnormalities.
  • Atypical presentation of myocardial events.
  • Subendocardial vs transmural myocardial infarction.