8-hour DEA Registration and Controlled Substance Prescribing Course - Effective 6/27/23

Early Bird 199.00
Livestream Schedule: 8 AM – 5:30 PM (includes breaks)
Contact Hours: 8 (8 Rx)
Presenter: Dr. Sally Miller

Controlled Substance Prescribing meets the 8-hour federal requirement to renew DEA registration as of 6/21/23 as mandated by Section 1262 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023.

This 8-hour program meets the requirements of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, which requires that effective June 21, 2023 all prescribers of controlled substances must have a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education in the assessment and management of opioid or other substance use disorder in order to apply for or renew DEA registration. The program includes principles of pain management, opioid prescribing, opioid risk assessment, legislative issues, and management of opioid-use disorder with medically assisted therapy. Additionally, the program presents non-opioid controlled substance considerations, including psychostimulants, benzodiazepines, appetite suppressants, and sedative hypnotics. Indications, selection, and both assessment and management of use disorders is presented. Successful completion of this program complies with eligibility requirements for initial and renewal DEA registration, and meets most state-mandated requirements for opioid prescribing.

  • Describe the key steps in pain reception and perception. 
  • Compare and contrast mechanisms of opiate and non-opiate pain agents.
  • Discuss CDC recommendations and legislative considerations in opioid prescribing.
  • Analyze elements of opioid risk assessment.
  • Evaluate indications for and elements of medically assisted therapy.
  • Analyze indications for benzodiazepine therapy and strategies to minimize abuse potential.
  • Evaluate mechanisms and abuse potential of psychostimulants.
  • Compare and contrast controlled and non-controlled options for insomnia.