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What information will I need the day I attend a live in-person seminar?

Where can I park?

We aim to offer our live seminars in convenient locations with ample parking. However, there may be times when an event is held in a downtown area that may require you to pay for parking or park offsite in a public parking garage.

Do you pay for parking?

We do not pay for parking. We will do our very best to notify you if there will be a parking charge at the hotel.

Where can I eat?

We strive to hold our seminars in convenient areas in close proximity to local restaurants and eateries. Many of our event venues have restaurants on site.

Can I record the seminar?

No. Video or audio recording a seminar is not permitted.

What formats are used in seminars?

We strive to offer you an interactive experience in all our live seminars. You can expect a combination of lectures and Q&A at all our seminars.

Do I have to participate in the seminar?

For most live courses, participation is optional.
** Please note: hands-on participation is required for our suturing course.

Do I need to attend the whole seminar?

Yes. To be compliant with our CE accreditor, we are required to obtain proof of attendance. For live in-person courses, you will need to sign in upon arrival as verification that you attended the entire seminar. For Livestream courses, you will need to log in and attend.

If I have to stay at the hotel, will I get a discount on my room rate?

We do not have discount rates for hotel stays.

What will I receive at the seminar?

At each course, you’ll receive handout material. Review course customers will receive a workbook. Suturing supplies are provided for the suturing course.

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