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Important Information for Live in-Person/Livestream Review Course Attendees

Please note that this is a hybrid course that consists of a LIVE/LIVESTREAM portion and of an ONLINE portion. In order to receive your certificate for the LIVE/LIVESTREAM PORTION of the program, you will need to complete the live evaluation ONLINE.

After the LIVE/LIVESTREAM course; you will need to access the online portion of the course in order to receive your additional contact hours.

How do I take my pre-requisite course?

Fitzgerald Certification Review courses have online prerequisite courses. If a prerequisite course is required, it will be automatically added to your cart when you enroll in the live course. You will then access it through your Fitzgerald dashboard and complete the course like any other online course.

Please note the following course details:

  1. The online section of the course is 12-13 hours.
  2. The online presentations are an INTEGRAL part of the review course and must be done sequentially.
  3. The online portion covers important chapters for certification prep. (Please see the table of contents for the online chapter list).
  4. Each chapter has a Quiz.
  5. You’ll be asked to complete 2 evaluations.
  6. A 150-question practice test is part of the course.
  7. You’ll have 180 days (~6 months) to access and complete the online content.
  8. During the 180 days, you have up to 4 attempts for each individual lecture.
  9. The test/quizzes have a maximum of 2 attempts.
  10. You’ll need to receive a score of 70% or higher before you can proceed to the next chapter.

Browsers/Navigating the sites:

  • Please ENSURE THAT YOU ARE using the latest version of your browser.

NOTE: Please make sure that the Pop-up blockers are turned off/disabled.

**Please note that in some cases; you may have issues streaming the content when you are behind a corporate/hospital firewall as this firewall will block the transmission.**

Note: Our speaker can only answer content-related questions.

If you have ANY questions or encounter any technical issues, please call us at 1-800-927-5380 on Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern or email us at [email protected]. Please DO NOT wait until the end of the course to call.

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